It’s an incredibly exciting time for the retail industry! Your business will need an online presence, to build relationships with your customers and sell your goods. We provide everything one needs to start a fully-featured online store. You can sell online, promote and market your entire range of products across our website and smartphone app.
In today’s world, your company appearing on local search is the key to success. Without a strong visibility, businesses may just as well shut their doors. But creating online visibility is no easy task. We at City Vago ( local Search) would like to invite you to be a part of our website and mobile app where you can have all your services and products listed.
The internet has fundamentally changed the way you top up your mobile or recharge . We are Top Up Vago and we would like to invite you to our a mobile app that stores prepaid mobile top-up cards and e-vouchers, then allows you to use your device to top up and recharge from your phone for, yourself, friends and family, whenever they require it. Free service.
Start selling anywhere Online.
Grocery Delivery
Meat Delivery
Speciality Food
Laundry, Drycleaners Delivery & Pickup
Food / Restaurant
and more
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